KLUGE COMFOLD FOLDER GLUER WITH HOT MELT SYSTEM2009 Kluge Comfold for sale. The unit consists of a basic Comfold section plus a right-angle turn table and an additional 9 foot folding section. The machine has been factory fitted to do over-night mailers. It is equipped with two tabbers from Straub. There are two mini hot melt systems on the machine. It comes with optional equipment for auto-bottom boxes, and many more.

Kluge 14” x 22” Die Cutting Press

Kluge 14” x 22” Die Cutting PressA very reliable well built press that will handle small format die cutting jobs with great efficiency. Will feed a large variety of stocks including heavy board automatically.
The press has been just removed from production.
It is in excellent condition and fit for many years of good service.

Kluge 12” x 18”

Kluge 12” x 18”Easy to set up – easy to operate.
This fully automatic die cutting press is preferred for its simplicity.
Its size fits most small – medium prnt jobs. Will die cut, emboss or perforate.
Due to its unique feed system will handle jobs that would not fit on a cylinder press.