Cauhe Platen Diecutter 48″ x 72″

Cauhe Platen Diecutter 48" x 72"1989 Cauhe Platen Die Cutting Press has double mics, pneumatic clutch and brake and safety features. It comes with manufacturers guarantee and may be customized according to your requirements.

Imperia 48″ x 66″ Platen Press

Imperia 48" x 66" Platen Press 1985 Imperia Platen Die Cutting Press 48″ x 66″ is a heavy duty reliable die cutter. Equipped with double mics, pneumatic clutch and brake, variable speed drive and safety – this press will perform with reliability for many years in the future.

Heidelberg SBD 25” x 35”

Heidelberg SBD 25” x 35”1969 Heidelberg SBD die cutting press is in excellent working condition – still under power – but seldom used.
Equipped with “quick load” system – this press will help you manage large jobs with ease.

Heidelberg SBG 22” x 30 1/4”

Heidelberg SBG 22” x 30 1/4”Heidelberg SBG cylinder die cutting press is in excellent operating condition. Equipped with safety guards and ready for test run. Replaced by larger format automatic press – this press is rarely used and may be an excellent addition to your operation.

Heidelberg SBG Die Cutting Press

Heidelberg SBG Die Cutting Press1963 Heidelberg press 22” x 30.5” is available in excellent running condition.
Complete with chase and tempered die cutting jacket this press is ready for a test run.
Operating on 220 V – 3 Phase 60 cycle.