SHERIDAN HEAVY DUTY PLATEN DIE CUTTER 45" x 65"This is a heavy duty machine with approx 700 tons of cutting pressure. Owner states will cut 3/16 Masonite, 90 pt and 120 pt chipboard, B and C flute corrugated without issue.. This would be great for the Automotive hard board industry. Sheridan 45 x 65 Die cutting tonnage – 700 tons Max/min. sheet size 45 x 65 max, 20 x 20 min Chain and gripper bar feed Number of gripper bars = 5 Gripper margin ¼” to ½” all depending on the gripper bite allowed.

Thomson Heavy Duty Platen Die Cutter 44″ x 66″

Thomson Heavy Duty Platen Die Cutter 44" x 66"Completely refurbished Thomson Heavy Duty Die Cutter 44″ x 66″ is equipped with double mics, updated variable speed drive, AC digital speed control, and operators console. It comes with double goose neck, hardened die cutting plate and safety. It is under power for testing.

Cauhe Platen Die Cutter 65” x 120”

Cauhe Platen Die Cutter 65” x 120”This 1999 Cauhe die cutter is factory rebuilt with new pneumatic clutch and brake unit. Comes complete with hardened cutting plate, pneumatic cutting plate lifters, automatic lubrication and single motorized chase.

Cauhe Platen Die Cutter 57” x 81”

Cauhe Platen Die Cutter 57” x 81”This 1992 Factory rebuilt platen die cutter is equipped with pneumatic clutch and brake unit and new electrical and pneumatic systems – complete with one year manufacturer’s warranty.
Plus a full range of options.

Cauhe Platen Die Cutter 65″ x 98″

Cauhe Platen Die Cutter 65" x 98"2001 Cauhe 65” x 98” die cutter has variable speed control hardened die cutting plate, plate lifters, motorized chase overhead operating controls, central lubrication, oil pans and is in excellent working condition.

Thomson 28″ x 41″ Platen Press

Thomson 28" x 41" Platen PressThis 2004 Thomson 28″ x41″ platen press comes with double mics, hardened die cutting plate, pneumatic clutch, variable speed control, central lubrication, operator’s console and safety features. A rare press in exceptional working condition.